I definitely believe it’s Brazilian week for me! First, I started my Week off With Brazilian food Over at Bossa Nova and had a five-star experience! Midweek I came in here for a Brazilian blowout, also another five-star experience! Now I need to go for the wax and maybe I can make a Brazilian week:P | called the W Salon because I was in the area, luckily he had a spot available. As soon as I walked in, a very friendly and enthusiastic man greeted me! It had to have been the owner and what everyone yelps about, Omar! He wasted no time and started to work on my hair as soon as I sat down. After reading all these reviews it’s clear to see that Omar knows his job! He worked fast, clean and professional. He offered A mimosa and I gladly accepted! Breakfast of champions! He was very sweet and mostly entertaining! Whoever dates this man is a lucky person! He has stories and is so interesting that two hours flew by! Thank you for a wonderful experience! Do yourself a favor and go! Stop thinking about it and just call and book your appointment today! 🙂
For those of you who have messaged me. Yes he is worth it and call him for specials! Let him quote you. Keep in mind I have shoulder length hair, as you can see.

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