About the Owner

Life is good. Life is what you choose to make out of it

I started blow drying hair, since my early days at age of 8 or so (not by choice), growing up in the Caribbean with my 2 older sisters, “who they let me to believe that it was my duty to blow dry their hair on the regular basis”.

I remembered doing the labor, but I don’t remember ever getting paid for it. How funny is that!

Hummmm! “No wonder I am still in therapy today, ‘cuz of it (smile)

Professional, (by choice) my career begin in 1996 in NYC when I obtained my cosmetologist license, eventually relocated to the Los Angeles area, where I have assisted for very well know hair stylists, gaining some experience & very important tips within the beauty industry, using their techniques as well as my own, which I now use, applied and or practice among others, depending of the type of service.

I like to consider myself more than just a hair & fashion stylist, I had attending and participating in Beauty and Fashion shows nationwide, and many, many, many (ups! Did I mention many?) Drag shows also. If I may? This has helped me to gain lots of experience, extended Knowledge, and all the latest styles, tips and litter secrets within the beauty industry. But I’m not finished, my carrier is just like my life & educations, is an ongoing learning experience on a daily basis, a book that has yet being finished. Oh my!

In my 20+ years of experience. The W Salon was established here in the city of West Hollywood in 2010. Our clientele consists of men and women. Some of them have being loyal to us since our early days of year 2000.

Working behind the chair, is where I found & feel myself at my best, just the same way as being in front of stage. If you don’t like, love & enjoy what you do for living, you may be in the wrong business.

My slogan is:

Looking Good, Feeling Good, Living Better

Enjoy life as it comes, have fun and make the most of it. To our loyal clients. I personally thank you, for all of your love and support. We could not have achieved success without you. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Omar S.

The W Salon
7404 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046-5605
Tel: (323) 848-7800