This place is great, I’m not even sure where to start. Omar was my stylist and he worked it out! I made an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout and explained everything to me on the phone. He accommodated my schedule from the start (coming in early in the morning…it was still dark out!!!) and was on time. He wasn’t annoyed by the many questions I asked (or at least didn’t show it if he was lol) and answered my questions thoroughly but not condescendingly. He quoted me 2–3 hours for my service but had me out in just under 2.
The shop was clean and very stylish with high end products (not just in name but in quality). He offered beverages, to which declined but appreciated nonetheless, and made my experience there very comfortable. I will say make sure you know the address to which you are going. Although that seems like a no brainer, if you transpose the numbers you will end up at a WHOLE DIFFERENT location, and I will leave that at that.
Lastly, I did leave with the product in my hair but intentionally with purpose. My hair is very curly so the longer it stays in the greater the outcome, and it looks great right now. Omar gave me instructions on what to do when I get home. He didn’t try to up-sell me any products, or make extra money off me. What I failed to do was get the proper shampoo and aftercare products (that are optional, not required) so I will be calling him today to purchase those.
Great salon, great service.

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